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Peanut Butter Pillows Golden Crunchies 16oz

Peanut Butter Pillows Golden Crunchies 16ozstar rating 5HerminaDecember 2, 2010I too ate this candy as a little girl when I grew up. It was soo good! I loved the smooth golden delicate crunch. They looked like little pieces of gold. I looked for this candy for over 20 years at candy shops in differenc cities around the country. I came across this candy near the Christmas Holiday. I always wished for some magical moment in December up to the Christmas Holiday and when I found the elegent golden pillows at a Farm Food Store this was the special magical moment. Tears came to my eyes as the memories of the pleasure of eating this candy flashed through my mind with all of the people who were in my life during that time ( mama, daddy, granddaddy, big mama, lttle mama, anunts, uncles, cousins and sisters & brothers). Well - - I count my blessing for the magical Christmas moment 2010 when I found the golden treat. I had been telling my husband of 30 years about this candy. When I take it to work my colleagues just eat it up. They love the Little Golden Crunchies just like us.
Peanut Butter Pillows Golden Crunchies 16ozstar rating 5Byron BlacklockJanuary 7, 2010I am 53 years old and I grew up eating this candy. My grandmother raised 4 of us after our mother died in a violent car crash when we were just babies. This was her favorite candy... We were so poor she only bought it once or twice a year and when she bought it she rationed it because it was so exspensive. I have looked for this candy for over 30 years. I love it as well as she did. She passed away in 2002... She and I use to talked about how good it was all the time before she passed. Thank God my sister found your company and recently ordered 3 packages. I rate it a 10 even though I haven't eaten any for over 40 years.
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